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Avian Suites™ is a state of the art bird boarding facility built on the belief that disease control and prevention doesn't have to mean isolating our intelligent, sensitive feathered friends. With birds moving into the top three choices for pets to own in the United States, the need for avian care services is in high demand. Quality avian veterinarians are few, and grooming and boarding facilities are mostly non-existent. "Bird-sitters" can take them into their homes, but the lack of vaccines leave your pet vulnerable to the new environment's airborne viruses and bacteria. Sadly, many have lost their pets to diseases from other birds.

Avian Suites™ meets the need of the bird owner, but most importantly, Avian Suites™ meets the physical and emotional needs of the pet bird. Avian Suites™ meets and surpasses the standards of veterinarians and aviculturists.

Avian Suites™ is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although bird ownership has yet to reach the popularity that it enjoys on each coast and in larger cities, its pursuit in the Midwest continues to grow yearly.

Avian Suites'™ focus is primarily on bird boarding. For your convenience, we have a limited selection of premium food, toys, and other retail products.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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Owner Karen Anderson shares a few favorite stories from Avian Suites.
Avian Suites from Minnesota Niche on Vimeo.